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Plastic Surgeon – Facts You Need to Consider Before Finding One

Cosmetic or plastic surgery is indeed a very big industry. The practitioners of this field are plentiful but choosing the right one may be difficult for those plastic surgeon michigan who wish to have some work done for them. There are many things that you need to consider before choosing one and it is not just the typical recommendation or advertisement. Finding a good plastic surgeon is the key to any good successful procedure.

Education and Medical Degree

A surgeon’s education and degree is one of the first things that need to be considered to find a plastic surgeon. In this aspect, one should be aware of which school and hospital the doctor has been educated and has worked before. It is imperative to find out if he or she has had any complaints from both school and hospital or clinic. It is best to stay away from practitioners who have a lot of complaints and legal cases lodged against them. They may have a great track record when it comes to the actual procedure but there may be other aspects where they lack professionalism such as post operation follow ups and medications.


Getting a recommendation is probably the best way to find a plastic surgeon. The recommendation should come first hand from a satisfied patient. It is best to ask the clinic of the said doctor for recommendations or to ask among friends and relatives who they recommend. It is not just a recommendation that one should ask for but it is important to actually ask questions connected to the operation itself and the doctor. Friends and relatives might have heard of the surgeon or the clinic from their friends and relatives as well.

In this regard, it is understood that most people who gives recommendations have had their operations done within the area. One can also find a plastic surgeon in the yellow pages and then ask for recommendations from the clinic or hospital itself. The problem with this method is that the clinics will most likely name patients who are satisfied and have had no complaints with their work. One can ask the recommended patients for second hand recommendations of clients from the same clinic.

Another option is to ask the family general practitioner or a trusted doctor friend for information how to find a plastic surgeon. Most likely, the general practitioner who has treated the entire family will have some knowledge about cosmetic surgeons within the area.